The media distribution platform "to take away"

The Lecture2Go media distribution portal software is based on Liferay CE. All plugins for our software are being developed at the Regional Computer Center (RRZ) at the University of Hamburg.

Lecture2Go supports the free access to knowledge. The open source software is aimed at academic institutions and its objective is to strengthen the blended learning.

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All Lecture2Go plugins for liferay are published under the GPL licence
The portal software liferay is distributed under the LGPL licence
About the open source initiative

About the portal software Liferay
Installation guide for your own media distribution portal

First installation video tutorial
Installation tutorial download (outdated)


Update Package [master-v.2-b5226] on Augus 06th, 2020
Update Package [master-v.1-b5226] on February 28th, 2020
Update Package [master-v.1-b5162] on June 14th, 2019
Update Package [master-v.1-b5146] on February 20th, 2019
Update Package [master-v.1-b5122] on January 22th, 2019
Update Package [master-v.1-b5050] on October 11th, 2018
Update Package [master-v.1-b5005] on September 28th, 2018